Order PHALLOSAN® forte now!

Order PHALLOSAN® forte now!

which helps the head to grow too and doesnt leave any bruising. Measuring tool to decide the right size of suction bell for you3. com and the Bathmate www. If you have any other questions then post it in the comments section below and I will answer it the best I can. If you find that its hurting then just lower the tension slightly. But if I moistened my penis before rolling the condom, it would fit perfectly. It satisfies all of these requirements and the results of clinical tests on the Phallosan Forte can be seen here. The routine is very simple and easy to follow.

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Phallosan Forte Click Here to visit their website. main benefits of Phallosan Forte is that you can wear it while you sleep, which you cannot do with other traction devices. The foam ring is made of non-allergenic silicone foam. adjustments for more pressure are made very easily. This is a unique extender with a soft orthopaedic belt allowing it to be worn more comfortably especially while sleeping. Nervous Guy GameHow Will It Be Delivered. And what more is you can wear phallosan while youre at sleep.

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I think mine arrived in about 2 days which was much sooner than I thought considering theyre based in Germany and Im not. Hold on though because theres a pretty BIG problem with extenders that the makers just dont tell you about. Stepping into the world of is like stepping into a field of mines. And everything comes in a discreet box so nobody will be able to tell whats inside. Week 4 Now wear the device for 8 hours per day in 2 4 hour sessions. I have since ordered the XL bell and replacement sleeves, but that was a month ago, and Customer service is unable to help except to say try contacting the carrier about the lost international shipment. Having said that, I spent a ton of money over the years on supposed 39enlargement pills39 that didnt do shit for me.