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PHALLOSAN® forum – Index page

Want your testimonyreview here. It is also very stable and straps around my penis very well. I am 29, lift weights 4 days a week, and run or swim twice a week. You simply adjust the strap by pulling it slightly on the side. 4 inches total length 6. main benefits of Phallosan Forte is that you can wear it while you sleep, which you cannot do with other traction devices. buy your Phallosan directly from the official Phallosan website.

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Phallosan Wirkung There are no discount coupons for this product. Phallosan Forte, it seems this product could be effective for some people, provided they are comfortable wearing a device for multiple hours a day for months at a time. It is kind of obvious why because of the design. While on, it does not hurt at all and can be worn while you sleep but like I said. DisclaimerPlease note that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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No result after 4 months. Best Hair Regrowth Product. I always take 1 day off from using the Phallosan a week. This product comes with different sleeves offering different amounts of pressure, depending on how long youve been stretching. Feel free to email me or leave a review or comment below. Gains with the phallosan. Itching on the side.